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     This short has a very simple postproduction work. I didn't made different layers for the characters, the foreground, the background... I just tried to get a good color balance in the render process, so that I could edit the color of the whole frame. So that's what I did, and the only modifications made for all the secuences was only a color correction where I increased the contrast, the saturation, and I modified the color through warm colors. I also added all the smoke and dust effects, and I mixed the speaking ballons (the only thing that was rendered apart from the short). The final thing I did was adding glows to the parts of the frame with a luminance factor greater than 80%.


    Here you can see some examples of the frames before and after of the postproduction process.

 sound effects

     This is a quite hard part for me, due to the fact that I don't have any sound effects libraries, and I have to get most of the sounds from Internet. which involves the low quality of some of them.


    Sound effects are a very important part in all the audiovisual projects, it really makes the video come to life.  The result I got in this part is not something I can say it's impresive, but I think I finally got a good result.


    This is the other big part in audiovisuals. Music is the final touch for the video, it's what really transmit all the sensations that you want asociated to each part of the short. I worked really hard on this part, trying to synchronize all the events of the video with the music, so that all the piece get a bigger emphasize.


    I spent lots of hours to find the adecuate music for the short. I probably listened to more than 100 themes from different soundtracks in order to decide which one to select for Superlópez. Finally I chose the themes from "AntZ" as main soundtrack for the short. This soundtrack not only has an exceptional performance, but also it has the leading instruments that I wanted in the music. It also has every kind of themes, so that I could express all the different feelings I needed for the short almost with only this soundtrack. There're only two themes from another soundtracks: the opening theme from "South Park" (used as opening theme in the short), and the main theme from "Superman".

 final analise

    I hope that, after reading this tutorial, you can have all the parts of a 3D animation short creation clear in your mind, and also a possible way to work on them.  The methods described here are not the only one, neither the best ones. There're hundreds of ways to afford each part, I've just published here the ones I used for Superlópez, that's all. Now it's in your hands deciding how to make your own shorts, but at least I hope this can help you to take some decitions.


Enrique Gato - November 2003


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SuperLópez making of - november 2003