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(30 - Nov - 2007) Tadeo Jones' great awards


Great news these days for Tadeo. The short got the most important 3D award in Spain and a nomination to the Goya Awards. Check Tadeo Jones' site for more info.



(7 - Apr - 2007) I'm back!!

It's been a long time since the last update of the site. I've been the last year involved in the new 'Tadeo Jones and the basement of doom' project, a whole new adventure for the old character.

Get ready for a big surprise in this next months...



(31- Jan - 2006) Tadeo Jones gets the best spanish animation short award


Visit the oficial Tadeo Jones site


(14 - Sep - 2005) Tadeo Jones Making Of (spanish)

Enjoy this article published by CICE. A nice way to celebrate

the 25th award won by this short

(15 - Apr - 2005) TITO: free downloadable model


Free facial model ready to be animated

(includes tutorial)

(23 - Mar - 2005) TITO facial animation test



TITO is the name of this character I created for the beta testing of 3D Studio Max 7 in CICE, the school where I'm now working. It was focused to teach facial animation. 


In the next days the model with all the facial animation system used in this animation will be publish for free download.



(11 - Feb - 2005) MAX TENNIS V 1.0



A videogame for 3D Studio Max programmed in MAXScript. You can find it in the NEW FREE STUFF SECTION (that will grow soon...).


3D Studio Max 6.0 or higher required.




(3 - Jan - 2005) Problem solved


Inside Motion has been down for some weeks due to a hosting problem. Now it's running again. This year will start with a couple of surprises, so pay attention to the web in the next days.


Happy new year to everybody!!  



(7 - Sep - 2004) Tadeo Jones web site running!!!


And finally, here's the new site where you'll find everything related to Tadeo Jones animation short.



(19 - Jul - 2004) Tadeo Jones animation short almost finished 


Yes, it was a long time ago when Tadeo was born. It was a long time ago when his  first animation was published on this site... and the whole short is almost here at last.


Pay attention to this web because in the next days it will be published the new 'Tadeo Jones web site'.



(24 - May - 2004) New navigation menus 


Hey, long time since I didn't update the web. I've added some menus for a better access to all the pages of the site. Now you have instant access to all the stuff related with the project you're visiting. You can check them in Bicho, Tadeo and Superlópez sections.




(9 - Dec - 2003) New interface and new section  


Check the new interface and the new stuff section added, where you'll find the access  to the tutorials, interviews, old news and links to other sites.




(20 - Nov - 2003) Superlópez Making Of 



(25 - Oct - 2003) SuperLópez finished


 Después de un período de reposo, por fin he terminado este pequeño cortometraje dedicado al personaje de cómic creado por JAN.


After a long period having a rest, I've finished this short dedicated to the comic character created by JAN


(31 - Jul - 2003) SuperLópez project delayed 


I've been working more than two months in this project in order to finish it before going on holidays, but it's going to be impossible to do this. I don't want to publish an unfinished work only to show it so, after I have a rest (please, believe me if I tell you that I need it), I'll get on with the project again.


My apologizes to all the people who is waiting for the video to be finished, and thanks to everybody who has motivated me with their e-mails to get on with this project.


 See you on 18 - 8 - 2003 again. Nice holidays to everybody.


 Enrique Gato




(13 - Jul - 2003)  New pics from SuperLópez project  


Well, the small animation I started is growing up to  the point that it's now about 2 minutes long. I'm just finishing it in a few days more. Here are some screenshots from the short in advance. No one of them is finished, but you can have a first idea of the final look.



(1 - Jun - 2003)  New project coming soon  


I've taken some weeks to make my favourite spanish comic character: Super López, created by Juan López Fernández (JAN). In the next days I'll publish a whole animation I'm finishing.


Click on image to enlarge




(15 - Mar - 2003)  New domain


This web finally has its own domain. You won't have to type again the old long URL if you don't want. Now you can access this site by





(14 - Feb - 2003)  Interviews online 


Recently I have been interviewed for a couple of 3d portals. Most of the frecuently asked questions that appear on my web´s mailbox are answered on those interviews. If you like to read them check out these sites:


Interview by Emir Pilavdzic on 3d Kingdom (English)

Interview by Miquel Campos on Traumatic Animation (Spanish)




(5 - Feb - 2003)  What's next?  


As I advised in the last days of 2002, a new complete animations section is coming to this site, but you'll have to wait to the last days of February of 2003 if you want to see it. I think it's going to be a nice surprise for all the people who love the animation and 3d works.   




(20 - Jan - 2003)  Tadeo Jones  


  New image added in Tadeo Jones' stills section. You'll make here a better idea of the final look of Tadeo for the short.


Tadeo Jones stills            Tadeo Jones animations





(8 - Jan - 2003)  Sound added to "Tadeo Jones" trailer  


"Tadeo Jones" trailer now has sound effects and music. There are two versions available to download (high and low quality).





(18 - Dec - 2002)  "Bicho" animation short completely finished!!!  



  "Bicho" animation short has been completely finished in 16:9 format for DVD recording, with a whole post production work and new scene and animation improvement. Now available to download with a new screenshots gallery.



(15 - Dec - 2002)  More surprises on 2003 


New stuff and surprises will appear very soon, so pay attention to this site. A new complete animations section is being published at the begining of 2003.




(13 - Nov - 2002)  Work in progress: "Tadeo Jones"  


My new short called 'Tadeo Jones' is in progress. Due to the fact that for several months I went all out for the updating work in my animation short 'BICHO', I delayed some of my other projects including the unfinished 'TADEO JONES' in which I am currently working on again. Check the animations page to see more details of the short.



(21 - Apr - 2002) Bicho's facial animation tutorial


If you enter Bicho's animation section you will find this useful tutorial explaining how I made the animation of Bichos head.



(22 - 12 - 2001) Christmas image added


 You'll find it in Tadeo's stills image gallery.



(6 - Dec - 2001) Two new images added


You'll find them in Bicho's stills section.



(2 - Dec - 2001) Tadeo Jones' first animation test


 I've finished a general animation test for Tadeo that is also a kind of trailer for the short. Check it out in Tadeo's animations section.



(27 - Nov - 2001) Facial animation tests added


 The first animation tests for the main character of Tadeo's animaton short in now online in Tadeo's animations section.



(5 - Nov - 2001) Stuff coming soon


In some days you'll find on this site the full version of “Bicho” animation short and a full description of Bicho’s facial animation system.



(4 - Nov - 2001) News section added


 Now you'll be able to check all the news related to this site since it was created.



(24 - Oct - 2001) High quality version of Bicho's demo added


 Take a look at Bicho's animations section.



(22 - Oct - 2001) Facial tests added


 The facial tests for the main characters in Bicho animation short has been uploaded in Bicho's animations section.



(20 - Oct - 2001) Web site opened


Welcome to this site. This pretends to be a place to show all the animations I've been making along the years and the rest of the stuff I create from this moment. I really hope you like this web. Please, send me any comments, critiques or doubts you have, I'd really like to read them.


Enrique Gato



(15 - Oct - 2001) Creation of the site