Tadeo Jones

(November 2004)


   As you can see, Tadeo is a kind of Indiana Jones, but in a funny way. A whole year was needed to finish this short (8 months for visual work, and 4 months for music, sound and dubbing).


    This is my first 35mm project, and it's been developed thanks to the agreement with La Fiesta P. C., who produced this short.


     The pieces you can see here are only the initial animation tests. You can get much more contents from the official Tadeo Jones' web site




Here is a general animation test of the main character that it's also kind of trailer of the short.


Download (6 Mb) - divX

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Facial animation test


Here is the facial animation test of the main character.


Download (zip) - cinepack

  All videos and images  are 2003 Enrique Gato