(february 2003)


    This is my last professional finished work done for the Pyro Studios videogame "Praetorians". The team who worked on this animations was formed by four people: JB Garraza (project leader - modelling, texturing and a bit of animation), Rafael Lozano (also modelling and texturing), Mariano Parra (postproduction and modelling) and me, Enrique Gato (animation and also modelling). Well, everyone of us did a bit of everything, but each one was specialized in one specific field.

    We did all the cinematic scenes of the game (a total of 5 movies, about 8 minutes of animation). All the work was done in about a year using 3D Studio Max 4.2. Here you'll find a small recopilation of  all the cinematics.


All the images and videos published here (including music) are Pyro Studios copyright.


Image by Semillitas


Cinematic intro

   This is the first video we did for the game. It's three 3'30 minutes long. It was used as promotional video for videogame festivals such as E3. It was done in five months.


Download (DivX) - 22'6 Mb




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Cinematic demo


      This is a 1 minute summary of the rest of the videos we did for the videogame. The total lenght of the three videos is 4 minutes.


Download (DivX) - 7'8 Mb